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Hello World !

I am an IMAC engineer student, I enjoy VR, video games, web and developing things. I practice basket-ball and archery). Welcome on my website, please enjoy the content and contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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game controller

249 games owned on Steam

game controller

76 arrows on target

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611/802 PoKéMoN caught

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248€ saved for the HTC Vive

Demons - Imagine Dragon

After Effect Lyric Clip

IMAC Project - 2 members

A motion design lyric clip about the famous song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. There are 3 Easter-eggs in this clip, can you find them ? ;)

Super Mario World

AS3 Game

SRC Project - 2 members

A Mario game based upon Super Mario World level-1 (SNES).

Developped in AS3 (Flash) in SRC.

Steam Discover


IMAC Project - 2 members

Steam Discover is a project which finds new games on Steam for you. We use the Steam web-API to collect all the games in the store. Then we pick 4 random games and we display them.

You can try here :

Steam icon

That Creeper Was Not Alone

OpenGL / C Game

IMAC Project - 2 members

"That Creeper Was Not Alone" is a ThomasWasAlone-like game. Play as a Mooshroom, a Creeper or as a Slime and try to reach the end of those 3 levels by combining your characters and capacities !

Photo 01 of the game Photo 02 of the game Photo 02 of the game

You can find the project on Github here :

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OpenGL / C++ Game

IMAC Project - 3 members

"iSeason" is a virtual visit of a world during the 4 seasons. You discover the world by navigating over differents checkpoints.
Seasons are represented by the weather, items or by the atmosphere of the scene (Halloween for the Autumn for example).

Photo of Spring IG Photo of Summer IG Photo of Autumn IG Photo of Winter IG

You can find the project on Github here :

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Pouich Quest : A Journey through Silence and Darkness

Unity / Oculus Rift game

Virtual Game Jam- 4 members

award icon Awarded the Public Prize !

The Virtual Game Jam is an event where different teams have to make a game during 24 hours in a row. More informations here.

Pouich Quest is a mutli-player platformer VR game including cooperation between two people with handicap. It's a special gameplay, so to fully enjoy the game, you have to follow some rules.
This game is designed for two players with different roles : One (the mute) using the Oculus Rift sees the levels, and triggers instructions sounds for the other player (the blind).
This other player controls the character but doesn't see him.
This way, both players are forced to develop a dialog method, one guiding and one beeing guided through the six levels of the game.

Photo IG Photo IG Photo IG

You can find the game here :

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Graphic Stuff

I made also graphic stuff, so you can take a look at my deviant page here.

I hope you like it =)

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